Christine met Jenny. She threw toys in her crib, Jenny cried, and Christine told their mom to return her.

That was the beginning of our sister story.

Jenny spent a while being tormented, but eventually became the tormentor. Since they’ve both experienced each role, they have a strong insight into the psychology of toddlers. Especially since Jenny currently lives with a tiny, 2 year-old dictator. It probably also helps that Jenny has a B.A. in Psychology and that Christine teaches high school students-which is like living in a psychology lab each day.

We’ll put those degrees, plus our photography experience, to work to help you capture authentic family connections in your photos.

Jenny will fly like superman-sometimes too literally- or dance like a rainbow monkey to make your little one smile. Christine will look on laughing, while getting the shot and vice versa. 

Our clients describe us as easy-going and comfortable to be around. We think we have a knack for putting people at ease, probably because we know social awkwardness far too well.

In all seriousness, we are both mothers, and we know how special this time is. We want to help capture your family’s memories for years to come.